Ambuja Cement Foundation

Works to solve pressing issues faced by rural communities through developing sustainable means to livelihood

  • Started: 1993
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra


Ambuja Cement Foundation aims to create sustainable, prosperous rural communities in India. To achieve its objective, the organisation follows a thre Read moree step model which includes energising, involving and enabling the rural communities through harnessing partnerships between communities, government, NGOs and corporates. In the area of agriculture, the organisation enables farmers by organising them into farmer producer groups with an aim to enhance their profitability through collective bargain, bulk purchase of inputs and collective marketing. Also, farmers are empowered with the latest skills, knowledge and techniques to enable them to grow high yield, profitable crops. The organisation provides its guidance in the areas of water management, micro-irrigation, sustainable and organic practices, animal husbandry and aquaculture. Further, it helps the farmers to reduce the vulnerability by supporting them to hedge risks in their farming businesses through provision of insurance coverage, diversifying income streams and promoting sustainable farming practices. In the area of skill development, the organisation works in close association with the industry to identify skill based needs by conducting a Industry Skills Need Assessment and provides the rural youth with specific training and exposure to employment opportunities. In the area of water management, the organisation creates awareness and educates the communities in terms of the more efficient ways of using water while ensuring optimal utilisation. Also, it works with local communities to plan, implement and manage projects to harvest rainwater and ensure continuous availability of water. It also works to revive, build and maintain local drinking water sources such as ponds, wells and handpumps to maintain the availability of drinking water. In the area of healthcare, the organisation bridges the gap between rural communities and primary healthcare by providing access o healthcare services and fostering health seeking behaviour. It trains local women as 'Sakhis' who provide home based neo-natal, pre-natal and post-natal services along with proper immunisation to both mother and children. Further, the organisation creates awareness on prevention of TB and HIV infections with counseling and provides measures for tackling vector born diseases. Also, screening and early detection is carried out in association with government health units for timely, affordable and accurate diagnosis. In the area of women empowerment, the organisation promotes women federation and self help groups. Further, it provides support for the identification of income generation activities for SHGs by helping them to understand their skills and market needs. It also guides the women federation on creating programmes on various social issues impacting women in their operation areas. In the area of education, the organisation invests in school infrastructure and resources to support local government schools and enhance the learning environment and outcomes for children. Also, it constructs proper sanitation facilities, including boy's and girl's toilets and proper hand washing facilities while educating children on the need for proper sanitation. Additionally, the Ambuja Manovikas Kendra, educates and supports differently-abled children and teaches them skills so they can be independent. Also, a therapeutic centre has been established to provide regular physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy to the children with disabilities. Ambuja Cement Foundation works with over 1473 villages in 22 locations and 11 states across India, investing over Rs. 100 crores annually to create sustainable livelihoods for rural communities.


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