INI Farms

Produces horticulture products by empowering local farmers with agri-tech measures

  • Started: 2009
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra


INI Farms works on farm-level aggregation, looking into the complete supply chain of the selected fruits/vegetables and delivering them worldwide. The Read more process includes ensuring best practices, increasing farm productivity, providing training & guidance to the farmers and empowering women by encouraging entrepreneurship in them. It also provides real-time price support to the farmers and looks into reducing post-harvest losses. It has created an equitable partnership between the employees, farmers, customers and its investors. The operations include large-scale farming, controlling and managing the supply of fruits throughout the supply and exporting fruits. The fruits are sold with the brand name-Kimaye. 70% of the company's farmland has been recovered from the wasteland. The farms have automated drip irrigated systems to minimize water loss while most of the farm work is done by farmers alone helping in maximizing rural job creation. It also helps non-traditional farmers in growing cash crops by contract farming. Small-scale farmers are provided with large landholdings that help them increase their productivity. It is also developing plantation for pomegranate over 1000 acres of land that is aimed at increasing productivity by 2X. It claims to have exported 40,000 tons to 35 countries with the help of 5000+ farmers across 8 states and works in partnership with 700+ domestic outlets and few online platforms. Further, it also claims to meet the world's highest social and ethical standards, SMETA & GRASP, meets safety and hygiene standards likes FSSAI, FSSC, HACCP. The company also follows the Global Good Agricultural Practices including process control, no child labor, hygiene and sanitation and environmental protection.


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Project Location


A-102 Boomerang, Chandivali Farm Road, Andheri(E), Mumbai - 400072

Offices in Cities

Delhi, Ahmednagar, Indore

Projects in States

West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi

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