Provides strategic, research and management consultation services to impact-driven organizations worldwide to catalyze their impact

  • Started: 2001
  • New Delhi, Delhi


As a strategy and advisory firm, Dalberg partners with organizations in both private and public sector to carry out sustainable development initiative Read mores to tackle complex global problems. They have developed and supported projects in the areas such as public policy, impact investment and funding, human engagement, data handling, infrastructure, sanitation etc. The work in India ranges from developing and helping run projects related to conflict resolution, education services, accessible water and sanitation programs to collecting timely, reliable, and comprehensive data. Some of the projects have been carried out in partnership with various state governments, corporate sector companies, and NGOs to design special projects for the development of the under-resourced communities. Has a comprehensive and easily accessible platform to showcase the projects (whether on-going or completed) across various geographies. Different branches of Dalberg deals with different areas of services. Dalberg Advisors: As an advisory firm, they partner with and assist social impact organizations to develop and implement impactful localized initiatives to maximize sustainable development in the respective countries. The aim is to fit global strategies with local projects in a way that maximizes their impact. Through research, analytical skills and in-depth knowledge of respective markets, Dalberg blends successful global ideas into local realities so that the initiatives that are created accelerates all-round development. Dalberg Capital: Advises on and develops investment strategies for investors, senior catalysts, managers, and entrepreneurs in order to organize the capital of emerging markets and increase economic development. For this, they combine financial strategies with a thorough research and analysis of the respective markets. Then create solutions accordingly so that growth is accelerated. Dalberg Data Insights: Handles the problem of data collection and handling for policymakers, NGOs and other institutions in developing countries. Partners with private companies to access their data, and then specially analyze it according to each organization's needs, without compromising with the company policies and privacy. This way social impact organizations can create better solutions to tackle their respective problems. Dalberg Design: An inter-disciplinary team combines skills in human-centered design, rapid prototyping, and systematic thinking to engage people, communities, and organizations in a way that they foster more creative and empathetic solutions for economic growth. Integrate well-researched approaches with creative participatory methods to utilize full human potential in each of the programs. Dalberg Research: As a full-service research agency, it provides services in data collection, handling, and analysis to major development organizations, global and local businesses so that they have actionable solutions to their problems. Creates databases, surveys, evaluations, questionnaires for social impact spaces across more than 20 African countries through quantitative and qualitative studies. Dalberg operates on a global scale and has offices in 17 cities. In India, it operates from Delhi and Mumbai.


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